Working Freelance: Not For Everyone!

I recently responded to a young woman’s thread on another site regarding what it takes to enter the world of freelance writing. The questions she asked were probing — which is good — and something that everyone should do if exploring whether to jump into this dynamic field.

Without going through all the 5 questions again, these were some of my responses to her:

When asked about hours worked per week, I told her I average between 55-70 hours.

When asked the type of work that I am doing now, I responded that I was updating someone’s web site. Nope, I do have other jobs to do besides writing…I have to pay the bills, right?

When asked what I like best about freelancing, I mentioned not having a boss to answer to and being able to pick and choose the projects that appeal to me.

Finally, when asked about the down sides of freelancing I mentioned the long hours as well as the ups and downs of the business: feast or famine!

So, I guess I have this to say to anyone who is considering entering the freelance world: it ain’t all glamour but if you don’t mind working hard you can make a go of it.

That’s it!