Why become a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting can be rewarding in two ways.
a) You get a chance to research and write about all types of topics that you would not normally have a chance to learn about. The old theory in writing, “write what you know” does not apply to ghostwriting since your clients will dictate what topic you will write about.
b) You can make a decent living at it. If you are new to writing, it may take a while to get clients but it is possible. It just takes a little hard work and perseverance. There are several ways to get clients. Here are a few.
1. Bid on writing jobs on contracted work site such as Elance.com, Guru.com and Getafreelancer.com
You signup as a service provider to begin bidding on projects posted by clients. If you win the bid, you do the writing project as a ghostwriter.
2. Place ads for your ghostwriting service on free classified ad sites. It does not cost anything to post ads on these sites and is a good way to get your services out there in front of potential clients.
3. Post responses in forums with a signature that defines your ghostwriting service and an email address or website URL. Something along the lines of “Affordable Ghostwriting Services, [your website url] or email for more details [your email address].
4. Introduce your services in forums where you are allowed to do this. Many forums have a section where you can introduce your business. See out writing forums for this.
5. Have business cards created showcasing your ghostwriting business. Pass them out every chance you get. Put them on bulletin boards in supermarkets etc. You can create your own or have them made.
6 Write a press release announcing your services. There are plenty of no-cost or low-cost distribution services on the web to get the message out for you. Ghostwriting may not be for everyone because you do not get credit for your work, the client does. If that does not matter to you and you like writing on a variety of topics, it can be an enjoyable way to earn some money.

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