How to Hire a Professional Article Writer

Are you a webmaster who is looking for fresh content for your website? If so, you may turn to outsourcing. The good news is that there are hundreds of freelance web content writers online. But, how you do you make sure you choose the right one?

First, know what you want. Do you want articles that are conversational in nature, informative, or a combination of the two? How many words do you need each article to be? What main points do you want covered? Knowing what you want is important, as even the most experienced writer cannot provide you with what you need, if you are unsure yourself.

Next, research rates. Do not automatically decide that you will charge a set amount of money, especially if you are just pulling this figure out a hat. Perform a standard internet search online. Look for freelance writers that have their rates advertised. This can give you a good idea of how much you can expect to have articles written for. On average, web content articles start selling at about $8 a page.

When researching article writing rates online, you may come across the websites of writers who you wish to hire. This approach is okay, but know that there are other avenues of finding freelance writers. This is particularly true concerning writers who do not mind functioning as ghostwriters. is one way to find a professional article writer. With that said, many writers are leery of these websites, as they does tend to host some scams. So, provide as much information as possible. How many words are you looking for? What are the topics? Do you have a deadline? How much are you willing to pay? How will payment be sent? Be sure to answer these questions, as it will give writers comfort and peace of mind, which should increase the number of qualified applications you receive.

Freelance writing job boards and websites are another way to find professional freelance writers to outsource an article writing project to. Job boards let you post your projects automatically. Once again, be sure to provide as much information about the project. With these boards, you should be able to fill out a form and upload your own project. On the other hand, a person runs websites and blogs. You may need to email that owner to have your project submitted, but most will do so free of charge.

Online bidding websites can also be used to find professional article writers. What is nice about them is that they make it easier for you to find quality, yet affordable writers. You post a project online, which should be free for you to do. Then, those qualified writers will place bids on the project. Their bids should be accompanied by samples, making it easier for you to decide on a writer.

So, what should you look for? As for the type of articles you want written, it depends on your needs. Do you want interesting articles for your website visitors to read? If so, you want a content writer. Do you want to improve your search engine rankings? If so, you need keyword articles. If you are looking for both, find article writers who are experienced in combining the two. There is nothing better than pleasing the search engines and your readers at the same time.

Finally, remember to keep your eye on your profits. When looking to hire an article writer quality is key. That is why it is imperative that you request samples of previously published work. On that same note, do not pay too much. The good news is that you should be able to find a number of quality article writers who charge relatively affordable rates. If you overpay a writer, you may cut into your profits. Articles are typically used to generate traffic for a website that makes money selling a product or with the use of advertisements. See how much your website makes you and keep that in mind.