In the past, blogging was considered as simply making an online journal with no clear cut future prospects. In the present day world, blogging has become a popular work-at-home venture, with some bloggers making millions from their content. The online business and marketing field has completely been taken over by blogging, with each blogger seeking to educate the world with a skill, and even market their products and services to the world. Blogs give one the ability to reach so many people across the globe at a very little cost, and even better is the fact that it can generate great income for the blogger.

Steps on How to Blog

  1. Choosing a suitable niche
  2. Picking a domain name.
  3. Choosing a blogging platform
  4. Designing the blog
  5. Starting to blog

Choosing a suitable niche

Blog WritingChoosing a topic to blog about is usually the first challenge a prospective blogger needs to solve. If part of a company, business or organization, then the blog can be about of the products or services provided or even about something they promote. Though, if one doesn’t own a business, it is important for them to choose a blogging niche about something they really enjoy, whether a hobby or a job, and the topic should offer enough room for discussion.

Another tip to consider when choosing a blog topic is that the prospective blogger should actually be an authority in this topic so as to be able to keep the blog and even discussions going.

Picking a domain name

The domain name refers to the web address of a website or blog on the World Wide Web such as A good domain name should be catchy, related to the blog’s topic, short, easy to spell and say, and can be bought from a number of sites including,, and other domain sites. A domain name costs less than $20 a year, though you can make use of the free domains offered by sites such as, Blogger and Tumbler, with each of them having an extension of the site’s name such that the domain, instead of

Choosing a blogging platform

The blogging platform refers to the site where the blog will be hosted. A blogger could choose to get hosted by,,, or the other free web hosts. On the other hand, there is the self-hosting option from,, and even, where one chooses to have paid hosting via sites such as Hostgator, Bluehost and Cloudhost among others. These web hosting sites will take care of the site’s databases while the site’s owner remains with full control of whatever they choose to do with their website.

Designing the blog

Blogging 101A good blog design not only looks appealing to the eye, but also makes it easier for visitors to navigate through it with great ease and also makes the blog responsive, with faster loading of each element. With WordPress, Joomla and Blogger, there are countless free and premium themes that a blogger can choose from.

The blog can be customized in terms of color, layout, positioning of elements and also application of different plugins and widgets. Though, if a blog is self-hosted, the blogger is at liberty to have someone develop a custom theme for their blog from scratch.

Starting to blog

After the four steps above, the blog is ready to be fed with content including words, images, videos and other elements. It is important to come up with topics that will help solve the main problems people within that specific niche experience and research them thoroughly before posting them so as to ensure the blog is rich with correct information.

Not only will the blog have an audience, but it will help guide interested parties around the world towards the correct path, and you could as well earn from your blog after some time. As one writes their way through their new blog, one needs to have the will to learn as the blogging sphere is so wide, with new techniques and tips coming up from time to time on how to blog effectively, how to make money from your blog and even how to attract more readers among other topics.