Finding freelance writing opportunities

Freelancing work is one of the major sources of extra income nowadays. The profession has been so lucrative that people leave their work sometimes in order to do freelance full time.

This is of course not recommended for people who are not yet established in the industry. In order to do full time freelance, you have to make sure that you have the contacts to back you up and the extra money to tide you over when freelance work is not so many. Remember that freelancing is not a stable profession.

Unlike with working for a regular company, freelancing does guarantee a steady income. Assignments come in trickles. Some months will find you with many assignment while others months will give you none. This is why it is also important to know how to budget your money and to have savings that you can use in case of unforeseen expenses.

When you think about it, it is not really hard to look for freelance writing opportunities. In fact, a lot of writing jobs especially freelance, have opened up because of the increasing demand for people who can update online content. In addition to the other areas and industries that they can write in, websites have given them greater number of potential assignments and jobs.

Still, where you will write or what kind of freelance writing you will do will depend entirely on what know and where your expertise lies. This is actually one of the great things about freelancing. You get to do the things that you already know how to do. In addition to earning more money, you are also gaining experience and enriching yourself through training.

Below are some of the areas and industries where freelance writers are needed. Read on and find the freelance path that is right for you.


Freelance writers are frequently hired to contribute articles for magazines. In fact, this is one area where you can actually get regular assignments as freelance writer especially if they find your work good. The rate for every article is quite generous especially if it involves interview. Some writers even kill two birds with one stone by also taking the photographs for the interview. This way, they are also paid for the pictures that are published.

Newspaper correspondent

Another area where you can get freelance work are the newspapers, who often hire correspondents. This is especially true with areas that are outside the city. Newspapers find it cheaper to hire correspondents and pay for their services than send their own writers to coverages and provide for their transportation.

Online writers

As mentioned before, online writers are in demand nowadays because writers are needed to update the online content in websites. The writing industry online is so on the upswing that magazines that keep their own websites hire writers just to do online content. In fact, not all the write ups that you see in the Internet can be found in the magazines and not all articles in the magazines are used for online content.

PR writing

Public relations writing is the new and more effective way to advertise products. Because of this, companies are often hiring writers to do their pr write ups for them. This is because not only one article should be done. One topic or even is rehashed in several ways to fit different sections in publications.