Cross Pens: As Gifts And Starting A Writing Career

Realistically, budding writers get a kick out of signing their manuscripts with a flourish. Why not give them Cross pens to spur them on to greater heights? If you are one of these wannabes, you can also give yourself a set; these writing tips will get you going.

Inkwell of Ideas and Cross Pens

So you’ve seen those beautiful Cross pens in different designs and colors. If you want one for yourself, go ahead. You deserve something extra special for all the hard work you’ve done. Come to think about it, if you want one, your friends will want these too, especially the budding writer who hang on every word written by Joyce Carol Oates, Norman Mailer, Toni Morrison, and other writers.

To develop and shape yours and your friend’s writing prospects, get books on writing that are widely available in bookstores and in online shops. Write a special message on the inside front cover for that warm encouragement – your friend will need it.

Or you can tell your friend to start looking at the world around him and beyond his white picket fence. That’s how a writing career starts. You must also have an inkwell of ideas and a rich repertoire of words. Those Cross pens will add that glamour and glitz towards the efforts.

Starting A Writing Career Made Easy

You’ll be surprised that some of the writers that took up the challenge of pen and paper were not all that writing experts. Some did not even have the opportunity to finish a degree but made a good career at writing. If you’re thinking of pursuing a writing career online, or suspect that your son or daughter has the inclination, help that child along.

If you want to make extra money, here are some tips for making a lucrative writing career online that will provide you the luxury of collecting those adorable Cross pens:

1. Join different blog sites. Upload your first blog and get published in that site.
2. Prepare your portfolio and resume, so whenever you are asked for these, they’re all ready.
3. Join a network providing free writing jobs online.
4. Read up reading tips on different sites.
5. Buy those ebooks from reputable sites.

Keep on writing and reading. No matter how depleted your think tank, you’ll find the way towards a filled blank page. Experts advice you to be critical of your own work. Once you are 100% satisfied with your effort, have these posted in blog sites. That’s how you’ll get noticed.

Thoughts on Giving Cross Pens

Everybody would love Cross pens for gifts. When giving these out, write a special greeting to make the recipient special. A kind thank-you note and recognition of their efforts will match the gift in value and importance.

A busy executive will appreciate pen refills if she or he already has a collection of this pens; add a classy pen holder and he or she is set for another year of document and check signing. If you’re giving pens to friends, have these individually engraved with their names. It won’t seem like a hastily thought-of gift.

For the budding writer – give a set of Cross Pens and a how-to-write book to go with it. Your gift will go a long way towards the making of a new J.K. Rowlings. Who knows? And all this started out with a thoughtful gift.